Results of Match day 3
Results of Match day 3

Results of Match day 3 sees changes in to 3 positions. Congrats to the winners. See you next time. Special thanks to [...]

Temperature Warning
Temperature Warning

Every one please note that the temperature will be very high on Sunday. Please come prepared with your umbrellas, [...]

Results of 2nd Match 2014
Results of 2nd Match 2014

The second match for 2014 took place on 25th May. Here are the results. Congrats to the winners and a warm thank you to KN [...]


Official training 2nd competition

Official training at Kourris Dam this Sunday 18 May. We had to substitute Dipotamos due to water level. Meeting point at [...]

Yermasoyia 1st Round Pictures
fishfloat competition results
Theodoros B.
2. Dimitar D. 5195g
3. Dmitriy Y. 3905g
4. Lazitski V. 3830g
5. German C. 3241g
6. Thodoris Z.
7. Yiannis S. 2138g
8. Kleanthous D. 1942g
9. Michalis P.  1657g
10. Kutsarova D.   895g
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